How to Mix Dolby Atmos Music in Logic Pro 10.7

Dolby Atmos music has been very popular in the recent past as Apple supports this 7.1.4 surround audio format in Apple Music across Apple and Android devices. It opens a door to a new musical experience and it’s the way to go for all music producers. Mixing in Dolby Atmos music was initially very cumbersome and Dolby brought forward a plugin to do the same and the cost of the plugin itself was over 50k rupees and then you need Pro Tools Ultimate software which was aging very expensive, followed by this Steinberg Nuendo brought in full support for this format and the cost of ownership was lower as Nuendo was self-contained and you don’t need to buy the Dolby Atmos plugin from Dolby as a similar plugin was built into Nuendo.
If you need to set up a 7.1.4 speaker setup that is quite an expensive option especially because you also need a monitor controller for this setup. Now Logic Pro 10;7 the latest version of Apple Logic Pro solves all issues completely by offering a stand-alone solution to mix Dolby Atmos music just using an Apple Mac running Big Sur OS and you can do the entire mix on a Headphone by using a binaural mixing engine. See how simple that whole scenario is by viewing this video in our Audio Media Channel.

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