This blog is a platform for me to share my experiences in my twin passion areas which is music and photography. Though this blog I would like to share with my students and followers on what turns me on and what is the latest happening in this world of evolving media. Those of you who have doubts about the topics that I speak about in these blogs. Please raise a comment and I will try to answer to best of my ability.

About T.Selvakumar


T Selvakumar is the Director and Founder of Audio Media, India’s first Apple Certified Trainer in the field of music production, video film editing and visual effects, Sound Engineering, Consultant for Audio Video Facilities and Studio Acoustics.He is a Professional Photographer, he specializes in Fine art Photography, Wedding videos, and Candid Photography.

Not many know that Selvakumar himself is a trained musician. He studied Carnatic Instrument ‘Veena’ at the Satguru Sangeet Vidyalaya affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University. Equally adept at the Mridangam and the Western classical Guitar, he earned himself a distinction in Chennai, playing the Carnatic classical on the Mandolin.His identification as a Musician Programmer was complete with the emergence of fifteen albums of scintillating music for H.M.V.Selvakumar reached his musical eminence with a Digital Recording Studio in 1993. Subsequently, he got into product distribution for music technology in studios and went on to set up at-least 100 studios all over the country. At this juncture, his expertise in western classical and related genres stood him in good stead.He started his career as a Musician and in 2002, he became India’s first Certified Trainer for ‘Apple Pro-Application’ and started Audio-Media Education. He also worked as a Beta Software Tester for Apple Computers U.S.A for Final Cut Pro and Cinema Tools.Selvakumar devised and developed the ‘Indian Samples and Styles’ for Yamaha’s new Indian Key Board PSR 1425. He also created ‘Sample Sound’ libraries for ‘Sound Good’ from Sweden.Selvakumar has also partnered with popular musician A R Rahman for his dream project, KM Music Conservatory in the role of a CEO. Selvakumar is also a pro photographer and shot the cover and editorial photos for leading Magazines in India and abroad.

Mr. Selvakumar is a Celebrity photographer specializing in Portrait Photography, Wedding Pictures, and Videography.