T. Selvakumar , is one of the leading lensman and much sought after celebrity and advertising photographer, based in Chennai. Story telling is the main trigger of Selva`s photography. He strives hard with an unwavering attitude, dwell deep patiently, explore compassionately with his gear constantly in order to discover the hidden side of the subject posing before the camera and reveal a plethora of emotions of the person portrayed through his amazing photos!

He had the honour and privilege of working with lots of celebrities across the music and entertainment industry ! Selva is known for his undivided focus, attention, flexibility and thorough professionalism! He has the uncanny ability to guide you through the process to create a timeless album, portfolio or ad showcasing the best of you without compromises, keeping in mind your busy work schedules.

Selvakumar says, “Music and photography are my passion! Photography creates an intense bond with your subjects, colors and lights ! Nothing excites me as much as the varied moods and tones, people and objects bring and reveal before the camera! Every musician and entertainer has a story, whether it is the story of a musical note just getting ready for the `arangetram` or one of a stalwart symphony at the crescendo. I love to document your story in images that will be treasured for years as a work of art.”

Press comments:

" A photograph of Mr. A.R.Rahman mid song , you can almost hear the song he is singing with the expression of bliss in his face and that's how you know You have got a winner" - The New Indian Express

" Waves the Photography exhibition - showcasing the works of Photographer T Selvakumar brings together his twin passions, music and Photography" - The Hindu , Feb 8 2013.