Every musician and entertainer has a story, whether it is the story of a musical note just getting ready for the ‘arangetram’ or one of a stalwart symphony at the crescendo. Selva can document your story in images that will be treasured for generations. Treasured as a work of art.

Although a photograph may only capture a split moment in time, the shots taken by Selva contain such narrative power the viewer is each time filled with new impressions, with insight into new stories.

Storytelling is the main trigger of Selva’s photography. He attempts to discover the hidden side of the subject posing in front of the camera, and reveal a plethora of emotions of the person portrayed through his photos. Having worked with celebrities across the music and entertainment industry, Selva is known for his undivided attention, flexibility and professionalism. He will guide you through the process to produce a timeless album or portfolio or ad showcasing the best of you without compromises, keeping in mind of your dynamic work schedules.

“Music and photography are my passion. Photography creates an intense bond with your subjects, colours and lights. Nothing excites me as muchas the varied moods and tones people and object bring and reveal in front of the camera.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work, and I hope you have enjoyed my portfolio.

I would love to hear from you on your next project!”

– Selvakumar

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