A.R.Rahman Interview

I know Selvakumar for more than 15 years, his guidance and tips have helped me a lot especially in this scenario of software music. Wow, it is big boon and celebration time for all musicians to hear that Audio media Education has launched India’s first Apple authorized training Centre.

Harris Jayaraj Interview

My Name is Louie Banks and I’ am here at Audio media, a very pioneering effort by Mr. T.Selvakumar, I think he is doing a brilliant job, because he is training professionals to be really professionals in Audio Media. As every body knows, today technology is moving at a very very very fast rate and we need people who can Maintained this pace and be on top of this Audio Media is lending a helping hand. They are bringing the future closer to us. Those who are interested in reaching out to the future, and learning about new technologies, so that their work and their performance could be better and Audio Media brings this closer to home.

And me, I have been in this industry for many many years, after seeing the different services offered by Audio Media, I have now a great desire to learn this myself and be a part of this technological advancement and to be a part of the future.

Interview with Jazz Virtuoso and Composer Louie Banks

Harris jayaraj is the guy who keeps talking about Selva all the time. I’ am happy to know that Audio Media is setup as a one stop shop for anybody who needs to know of the Mac and Final Cut Pro. Edit makes the film, what it is, you can write what ever you want and you can shoot.

great length of film but its finally the editor who puts the film together. Video editing has changed the way a film can look,I’ am talking to selva to pick up the equipment and put it in my office, firstly I’ am going to enrol for the course here. so I’ am urging youngsters and all those who are interested in a career as a editor to come forward and try their hands in this.

Gautam Menon ( Film Director) Interview

I asked A.R.Rahman about Apple and AR said no need to go to America, it is there in India now. I called selva of Audio media immediately and i expressed my interest to learn about Apple. So now I’ am working with Logic.

Sivamani ( Drum Virtuoso ) Interview
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