About the Course :

The Course is designed to take your Audio Engineering to the next level. You’ll be exposed to different aspects of Digital Music Production and Techniques. The course includes training in two of the world’s top DAW software’s – Avid Pro Tools, Cubase 9 & Apple Logic Pro X. Music Theory, Audio Engineering concepts and Sound Design, which include most of the things which you might want to, know.

Objective of the Course :

Course aims at imparting sound skills in Digital Music Production & Modern Audio Engineering concepts/techniques, which are globally recognised

Course Prerequisites :

Individuals opting for this course must have basic computer knowledge (preferably with Macintosh systems), ability to play Keyboard and know Basic Music Theory.

Sylabus :

l Apple Logic Pro l Pro Tools I Audio Basics l Studio Protocol l Recording Techniques Book by Focal Press + An introduction to 5.1 Surround mixing using Avid Pro Tools 11- Hands on Projects

Curriculum for Audio Engineering: Practical Recording Techniques By Bruce Barlett, JennyBarlett

Hands on Projects :

Multitask Mixing on Pro tools 11 and Apple Logic Pro X, Studio Design Project, Design Project,Composing 32 Bars of Music with at least 12 Instruments tracks on Logic Pro, Editing and Mastering on ProTools.

Written and Practical Exams :

3-4 written exams is supposed to take place within the span of 6 months depending upon the completion certain topics. Practical Exams, logic Pro competency exam.

On successful completion the students gets a certificate from Apple for Logic Pro and a Certificate for Audio Media for Pro Tools and Audio Engineering.

Pro Tools Competency Exam, Hands-on Projects based on the knowledge of Pro, Sound designing, BackgroundScoring and Dialogue Recording for a Movie Trailer/ Ad- Film.