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Audio Media was founded in 1994 as a digital recording studio by T. Selvakumar, a well-known musician and personality in the Indian Film industry. It then branched on to sales. Further on in 2002, as an education institute providing Apple Certified courses.
Ame provides Apple Certified Courses and Steinberg Certified Courses at the training centre in Chennai, Audio Media also delivers customised certification programs for corporate and educational institutions across the country at their doorstep and convenience.While Apple designs the primary courseware, the supplemental courseware is designed in-house by leading film academicians and industry professionals.
Audio Media also specializes in producing, directing and executing advertisements and short films. These are handled aesthetically and creatively by a specialist team comprising of renowned names from the industry. The advantage is twin fold (a) Optimising the shoot to suit every client’s budget (b) Getting the best creative and technical expertise to work on the project.

Since Audio Media itself has facilities and equipment for Pre and Post production activities, it ensures that the client’s project is always top notch.
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